Song from a drummer

Is it the sea? Then go to surf

is it the wind? Then go and fly
Is it love? So come on!
Is it gold? Then go to the light
Is it the fish? Then go swimming
The rain? Then go to the next bar
Is it the snow? Then roll
Leaves? Let’s float
Is it sadness? It will continue
Is it the ideal? Then go and get it!
Is the target? That’s effort
Is the 中南海? Then smoke
Beer? Just swig
Is the guitar? then solo it!
Is the rock? then rock and roll
Is punk? then pogo it
Is Mao? Then run
Hope? Let it come
Is it loneliness? It is shameful
Is it 张楚? Let him sing!
Are those flowers? Let them bloom!
Is the sky? Then soar!
Is the music? It is drunk
Is my mother? Let me love her
Is the ant? Let this man keep wearing a black jacket
Is a skateboard? Let me continue to fall
Is the bell and drum tower? Let the yong sing
A bright sunny day? Let 窦唯 describe it
A memory? Then let it be an eternal mind
Is the black panther? it’s shame
These flowers? Then listen to 朴树
The nude? Let 郑钧 tell you
Two days? Go ask 许巍
Is the thoughts? Then continue wanting them!
Twist? Then let it sink
Is the mind? Let it infinite!
Is acustic? Let’s fucking continue!

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